Brexitometer shows that Doncaster people have changed their minds about Brexit

A surprising 85% of people surveyed during the Brexitometer said they didn't think Brexit was going well, with 83% wanting a 'people's vote' with the option to remain.

Monday, 23rd July 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd July 2018, 3:12 pm
Brexitometer final board showing poll results.

Has Doncaster changed its mind over Brexit?

A Doncaster Brexitometer gauged local opinion two years since the town voted to leave the EU.

Brexitometer final board showing poll results.

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Best For Doncaster set up a town centre stand at the weekend, at which most people canvassed did not hold the same opinions they did before.

Many of those interviewed expressed a desire for a "people’s vote" based on how the government should be negotiating leave terms.

Organiser Frederika Roberts moved to Yorkshire from Luxembourg in 1990 and felt the need to set up the group Best For Doncaster after letters to local MPs went unanswered.

“I love the UK. It's my home and the only place I've lived as an adult. It breaks my heart to see it being torn apart by such deep divisions," she said.

Frederika continued: “I feel Brexit, before it's even happens, has already caused serious damage to the UK - its people, its economy and its international reputation.

“I hope, as more and more people are feeling disillusioned with the reality of Brexit versus the Brexit they were promised, we can stop this from going ahead, or at least ensure it's the least damaging Brexit possible.”

Many locals shared her opinion as an overwhelming amount of townsfolk strongly agreed Brexit isn’t going well on the event's opinion board.

Robert Gilbert, a 67-year-old retired ex-miner from Mexborough, is a passionate ‘remainer’ who campaigned for Stronger In group at the time of the referendum.

He said: “I feel that this town has never picked itself up after the mining industry collapse, I get why people are angry and fed up with what’s happening at the moment.

“We had the referendum but it didn't address the issue of how we ’re going to leave the EU and two years later we’re still no nearer to a coherent policy.”

The demonstration saw arrival of Twitter Human Rights activist Femi, who travels the UK to discuss Brexit with people who voted both remain and leave.

He said: “This country is unfair. Places like Doncaster and other town’s in the North don’t get a fair share of the pie. Westminster has never cared about places like Doncaster.

“According to a poll taken last week only 11% of people think that Brexit negotiations are going well, then the chief Brexit negotiator quit his job.

“The vast majority of people think the negotiations are going terribly so of course people should get a say on the deal.”