Breast implants scandal

WOMEN Ministers should be finding the solutions to the PIP implant scandal, claims a Rotherham MP.

After following closely the PIP implant scandal developments in France, MP Denis MacShane is urging David Cameron to put women in charge of it.

He said, “While his opposite number in France has moved swiftly and decisively to reassure frightened French women and offer immediate free remedial surgery, Andrew Lansley has said and done as little as possible.

“David Cameron should set up a high-level task force under female ministers like Caroline Spellman and Teresa May to report to the Commons next week on how to help the thousands of PIP implant victims.

“We also need a full inquiry into the NHS procedures that allowed this scandal to develop to the point of so many British women having these implants inserted, even though it was known they were dangerous”.

MacShane added that the cosmetic surgeons who used cheap breast implants to increase profits should be surcharged to cover the costs of NHS operations to remove the faulty implants.

He said, “This is about greed pure and simple. PIP implants have been banned in the USA since 2000 but because they were cheaper than other implants profit-hungry cosmetic surgeons continued to import them for use in Britain”.