BREAKING NEWS: United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union

EU Referendum.
EU Referendum.

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

Nationally 17,410,742 people have voted to leave the EU, compared with 16,141,241 for remain. The 'Leave' campaign won by 51.9 per cent or 1, 269, 501 votes. Voter turnout was 72.2 per cent.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.

The result was officially announced just after 7am this morning by chief counting officer Jenny Watson at Manchester Town Hall.

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said the vote was primarily won in the north and described it as a "victory for ordinary, decent people."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was in favour of the Remain campaign, warned of "difficult days ahead" and added "value of the pound is already falling."

In Sheffield, the 'Leave' campaign got over the line by just 6,000 votes - 51 per cent of the total vote. Voter turnout was 67.3 per cent.

Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage.

Elsewhere, in Barnsley it was 68.3 per cent for leave and 31.7 per cent for remain; Rotherham 67.9 per cent for leave, 32.1 per cent for remain; Doncaster 69 per cent for leave, 31 per cent for remain.

Voter turnout: Barnsley 69.9 per cent, Rotherham 69.5 per cent, Doncaster 69.5 per cent.

England voted leave by 53.4 per cent, Wales to leave by 52.5 per cent, Scotland to remain by 62 per cent, Northern Ireland to remain by 55.8 per cent.

The official result follows a snap poll by The Star earlier this week revealed nearly two-thirds of readers indicated they would vote leave. More than 1, 600 votes were cast.

Sheffield residents had expressed divided views. Many backing the remain camp raised concerns about travel, the economic uncertainty of a leave vote and trade agreements.

Those in favour of Brexit spoke of immigration, the state of the NHS and keeping money we send to the union in Britain.

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