BREAKING: New version of Open All Hours will be filmed in Doncaster

David Jason (left) and Ronnie Barker during filming of Open All Hours.
David Jason (left) and Ronnie Barker during filming of Open All Hours.

The owner of the shop which was the setting for Ronnie Barker’s classic Open All Hours comedy has confirmed the BBC are returning to their premises to

film their one-off Christmas special.

The exterior shots of Arkwright’s cluttered store were filmed at a corner shop in Lister Avenue, Balby, which is a hair salon in real life.

It is run by Lisa Taylor, 45, who said the BBC phoned her on Monday to say they would be coming back for three days in November.

The glass-fronted corner business has been the Beautique hair salon since 1962 when Lisa’s mum, Helen Ibbotson, first opened it.

Helen, 82, said it was originally a greengrocers and when she took it over her late husband had to removed loads of tinned goods from the cellar.

She thinks the shop was chosen because Open All Hours writer Roy Clarke’s dad once had a corner shop and Roy was local to the area.

The shop retains something of a time warp feeling with its quaint interior looking like it has not changed much over the years.

Dozens of photos taken during the filming of the original series during the 70s and 80s line the walls and net curtains hang in the windows.

Mum-of-two Lisa - who only opens twice a week - said: “A man from the BBC came to the shop last Thursday and took me outside and told me it was all a bit top secret as they hadn’t been given the go ahead yet.

“He then rang me on Monday and said it’s going ahead. It is definitely going to happen in November for about three days.”

Helen, who passed on her business to Lisa when she retired 15 years ago, recalled how the BBC first asked to use her the shop in the 1970s - and she thought it was a hoax.

She said: “The producer rang me and asked ‘could we borrow your shop?’ and I said ‘you’re joking aren’t you?’, but he said he wasn’t.

“He came and met us at the shop and then the rest is history really.

“I’d like to see another episode filmed, it were good.”

Helen can remember mingling with stars David Jason and Ronnie Barker when they were on set and said David used to play with local children.

She added: “I think they came about four of five times. They came once and they were in for three weeks.

“They would come at three weeks at a time and they would pay us to use the shop.

“At one time I were that busy they rented me another shop to do the hairdressing in, just up the road.”

Retired foster mum Lucy Viney 69, lives a couple of doors up from Beautique and remembers the original series filming very well.

She said: “Ronnie Barker and David Jason would mill about and talk to people.

“David Jason was very nice, Ronnie Barker was a bit more reserved, and Lynda Baron was very nice, very friendly.

“They would introduce themselves to the neighbours if they wanted anything, knock on the door and ask to use the loo.

“I would love to see another episode if they do one.

“You get fans coming round taking photos of the shop on a Saturday, not many though.”