Brave Doncaster man praised for challenging man armed with scissors and bottle

A brave Doncaster man has been praised by police chiefs for challenging another man he spotted with scissors and a bottle on a night out.

Monday, 29th January 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Monday, 29th January 2018, 12:35 pm
Fred Sneddon with Supt Neil Thomas

Fred Sneddon, a door supervisor at Manana Manana in Lazurus Court, Doncaster, received a police commendation for his actions during an incident at the beginning of January.

Mr Sneddon was presented with the commendation for reporting the armed man and helping police officers to detain him during an incident in Lazurus Court.

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When an officer became embroiled in a struggle with the armed man while trying to arrest him, which Mr Sneddon 'selflessly stepped in to provide assistance and instrumentally aid in the man being handcuffed,' South Yorkshire Police said.

Superintendent Neil Thomas, who praised Mr Sneddon for his courage, said: "Despite the harm that could have been inflicted to Mr Sneddon, who had no protective clothing or stab vest, he placed himself at great risk to assist the police officer in detaining the offender.

"Without him, the likelihood is that the officer would have had to re-evaluate the tactics used, which could have potentially led to a serious injury being sustained during the arrest.

"Mr Sneddon acted with stupendous gallantry in the situation and I’m pleased I have been able to personally acknowledge and thank him for his actions.

"It is members of the community such as Mr Sneddon, who truly highlight their dedication and commitment to work alongside the police to keep everyone in Doncaster safe. Like all of the officers in Doncaster, I am glad we have been able to thank and acknowledge Mr Sneddon for his astonishing courage."