Boys' head shave in recognition of Doncaster mum with breast cancer

Two Doncaster friends have had their heads shaved in recognition of a brave mum who beat breast cancer only to discover it had spread to her lung.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 1:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 2:13 pm

Mitchell Hughes and Zayne Fraser, both 14, lost their locks in aid of Cancer Research UK, in their words, ‘it symbolised what many cancer patients go through when on chemotherapy’.

Both boys have been touched by cancer, Zayne’s nan had breast cancer several years ago and is now over five years clear. In 2013 Mitchell’s mum Jill was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and although has been well since completing treatment two years ago, in February she found it had spread to her lung.

Jill said: “As you can imagine, at 46, this was a huge blow, which was compounded by the fact any treatment is no longer curative, but meant to merely control (a terminal illness). It has been a difficult time for my children - Mitchell 14 and Mackenzie 12.


“I have just completed a further four and a half months of gruelling chemotherapy. Mitch and his friend Zayne decided they wanted to do something very positive to mark the end of this bout of chemotherapy, so they came up with the charity head shave.

“Having lost all my hair on my first bout of chemotherapy nearly three years ago, I would never ask anyone to have their head shaved, but the boys were adamant that they wanted to raise money for the charity.”

She added: “It was a difficult time to do the head shave, as their school Ash Hill Academy has brought a new behaviour policy in today that prohibits shaved heads. However, as the head shave was done on Friday, and the boys were doing it for the right reasons and for charity, the school has wholeheartedly supported the boys and some teachers have pledged to donate too.

“Cancer affects the whole family, and often leaves you powerless. This was not just a head shave to my son and his friend, it was their way of having some control and helping an amazing charity which in turn helps people like me. Cancer is not prejudice, it affects everyone either personally, or someone you know or someone you love. Thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK, we are curing cancers and people like me who can not be cured are living longer.


“I am so proud of Mitch and Zayne and this morning’s count on their just giving page was £1,142.66. What an amazing achievement.”

You can donate and read more of Jill’s story via