Bishop to attend Doncaster miners’ service

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NEWS: News.

The Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows, will be in Edlington on Saturday to attend the Yorkshire Main Miners’ Commemorative Service, which will remember the 133 miners who lost their lives at the pit.

Bishop Burrows will lead a march of remembrance, accompanied by Edlington Town Mayor Georgina Mullis, before a commemorative wall, garden and statue are unveiled in the grounds of Edlington Community Centre.

Bishop Burrows said today: “This will be a poignant occasion for the whole community as we recall those Yorkshire miners who lost their lives whilst working in Edlington Colliery. It’s a stark reminder of the many dangers they faced but also an opportunity to give thanks for their lives and work.

“It’s a privilege to be asked to join the community for this memorial and I continue to hold them and all those who continue to work in the few mines that are left in my thoughts and prayers.”