Biker with motorbike strapped to back arrested after 'bizarre' pursuit along M18

A biker who had parts of motorbike strapped to his back has been arrested after leading police on a high speed pursuit along the M1 and M18.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 6:24 am

Despite repeated attempts to make the biker stop, he refused and was eventually seized in Hull.

Describing the incident, a spokesman for South Yorkshire Police Operational Support said: “Yesterday evening, we received reports of a motorcycle being ridden up the M1, with a large piece of metal protruding from it.

"One of our elite dog chauffeurs managed to locate the bike as it was joining the M18

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The biker was spotted travelling on the M18 with a motorbike framed strapped to his back.

"Much to his surprise, he found that the 'piece of metal' was actually a motorcycle frame, attached to the rider’s back.

"What followed was a very bizarre pursuit, during which the rider completely ignored the officers’ request to stop. The rider continued his journey, swinging his legs from the bike and even waving at other motorcycle riders.

"Feeling slightly worried about the rider’s safety, due to the large lump of metal strapped to his back and as he clearly didn't want to stop and chat, the officers let him to carry on with his journey, closely monitored by our colleagues from the National Police Air Service who made sure he got home safely.

"While en-route, they guided in officers from Humberside who met the rider at his front door in Hull.

"Hopefully, when he comes back to South Yorkshire to speak with one our magistrates, he takes the train instead.”

Anyone with information can contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.