Bigger waste plant, new link road and lorry park for Doncaster village approved by planning committee

Councillors have granted permission for a new link road to a Doncaster recycling site to alleviate HGV traffic travelling through a residential estate.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 1:28 pm

Attero Recycling Ltd have been given the green light to build an enlarged waste transfer station, a new lorry park and link road in Rossington off West End Lane.

At present, HGV traffic passes through the Bankwood estate to reach the site and a temporary lorry park also sits next to homes on West End Lane.

Attero Recyling Ltd. Picture Benjamin Paul/SWNS

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Carol Inglis, a resident who loves near the current lorry park, made an passionate plea to councillors to pass the scheme.

She said residents had developed health problems and living along the road was like a '˜motorway'.

But concerns were raised due to a condition which would double the amount of waste Attero processes from 200,000 to 400,000 tonnes '“ an increase of 266 HGV journeys to 494 each day.

Councillors also made issues of potential lorry tailbacks on the new link road.

Planning officer Dave Richards, who recommended councillors back the proposal, said the new road would take traffic away residents.

Part of the site is situated on the Greenbelt but council planners said the application '˜outweighs the harm' and improves quality of life for residents.

Around 50 per cent of the operation would be relocated and housed within the new process building. The plans also include moving the rail loading bay next to the new lorry park next to the site.

The firm deal with non-hazardous waste which will comprise primarily construction, demolition and commercial materials. The waste is compressed and moved out again by lorry and rail.

Resident Carol Inglis, who has lived on the Bankwood estate since 1982, also made a statement to councillors urging them to pass the plans.

She said: 'Over the last three years, we've seen a massive increase in HGVs travelling along West End Lane and Bankwood Lane. It's like living next to a motorway.

'The lorry park has caused major problems with noise, putrid smells and dust. Many residents are suffering from health problems as a result.

'We desperately need the plans to pass to alleviate all the stress we have endured.'

Rossington & Bawtry Coun John Cooke spoke at the meeting in support but with some reservations.

He said: 'Overall, residents of Rossington and especially those on the Bankwood estate welcomes the proposal provided there is a solution to the volume of HGV traffic.

'Myself and the parish council have some reservations and disquiet about the increase in operations on the site but this is outweighed somewhat if there is a solution to the HGV issue.'

Councillors passed the scheme unanimously with conditions.