Big surprise for poorly Pride of Isle youngster

Kasabian and stormtrooper
Kasabian and stormtrooper

Brave youngster Kasabian Newton Smith got a huge surprise when he opened his front door to find an imposing stormtrooper there to greet him.

The poorly eight-year old Pride of the Isle award winner had longed to meet a dancer from Britain’s Got Talent finalists Boogie Storm - and a little intervention from the Isle helped to make that happen.

Chair of Pride of the Isle, Leesa Sharpe, picked up the youngster’s plea from Kasabian’s mum Kay on Facebook and blasted it across social media until it was picked up by an associate of Simon Cowell’s on Twitter.

A few phone calls later and Leesa was asked to inform Kay that the Liverpool group Boogie Storm’s founder, Lee Seddon, and a stormtrooper were on their way to Kasabian’s home in Parson Cross, Sheffield.

Mum Kay said afterwards: “The whole thing was absolutely fantastic! Kasabian has been undergoing a lot of treatment lately and we haven’t seen him smile for a while. But when he saw the stormtrooper his face was one big smile. He just hobbled over to hug him.

“It means so much to have done something that he really wanted and that meant so much. We now plan to take him to see Boogie Storm dance, by special invitation, and hope that we can do that on a day when he’s feeling well.”

In March 2010 a CT scan revealed that Kasabian had a mass on his brain and the youngster was given just two weeks to live without treatment. Despite radiation treatment in America followed by chemotherapy, more life-threatening tumours developed. Kasabian currrently holds the record at Weston Park Hospital of 111 radiotherapy treatments.

He has battled for six years against Ewings Sarcoma and continues to undergo chemotherapy with a progress scan due at the end of this month. His family have been told one of his tumours is responding to treatment but another continues to give cause for concern.

Leesa Sharpe, of Epworth, said: “Pride of the Isle would like to thank Lee Seddon for being a great guy, and for putting a huge smile on Kasabian’s face. Making this young man happy is what Pride of the Isle is about.”

Kasabian was nominated for a Pride of the Isle Award by Maxine Strong, after she and Kay became friends due to both their children being treated in hospital in Sheffield.