Beans means business

Green Bean Co
Green Bean Co

Entrepreneurial students from Doncaster have been using recycled coffee beans to help their new business to flourish.

The team, from Ridgewood School, founded the Green Bean Co as part of the Young Enterprise scheme, after spotting an opportunity to create an eco-friendly business selling organic grow-your-own herb kits that use recycled coffee grounds as compost.

And the team, which includes Alysha Love, Grace Beecher, Niamh McCann and Olivia Dawson - all 17-years-old - has received a helping hand from Marco’s New York Italian in Sheffield, in the form of regular donations of used coffee grounds.

Alysha Love, managing director of the Green Bean Co, said: “Like many students throughout the country we were given the opportunity to create a company on the Young Enterprise scheme. From the beginning, we were adamant that our company would address one of the leading issues in the 21st Century, food waste.

“We began researching different sources of food waste in the UK, and then developed solutions to help reduce this waste. After initial market research, we found that helping to reduce coffee waste was important, so we formed Green Bean Co. In the future, we hope to develop our range of grow kits to include other organic produce as well as increasing the size of our company to help recycle as much waste as possible. Furthermore, we hope to find other ways to help reduce waste in the UK and promote more sustainable living.”