Barnsley day of action against energy price hikes

Michael Dugher MP
Michael Dugher MP

A Dearne MP is lending his weight to a campaign for an energy price freeze, at a day of action in Barnsley town centre.

Yesterday, November 6, the Conservative and Liberal Democrats voted against a motion that called on the Government to freeze electricity and gas prices for 20 months whilst legislation is introduced to reform the market.

The motion also called for the establishment of a tough new regulator with the power to force energy suppliers to pass on price cuts when wholesale costs fall, as well as putting all those aged 75 or over on the cheapest tariff.

On Saturday, Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher will join energy campaigners to launch a constituency-wide petition calling on the Prime Minister to freeze energy prices. The Labour Party has declared this a national day of action with events planned up and down the country. Mr Dugher will join campaigners at a street stall in the town centre between 11am-1pm.

In Barnsley, including the Dearne townships, average gas and electricity bills have gone up by £300 a year since the election. At the end of September, Ed Miliband announced Labour would freeze energy bills until the start of 2017 in a bid to help hundreds of thousands of families now struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

This pledge would save the typical household £120 and an average business £1,800.

Mr Dugher said: “Many people in Barnsley are struggling with the rising cost of living. Energy bills have gone up by £300 a year since the election and in the same period prices have risen faster than wages in 39 out 40 months.

“People in Barnsley want to see action. When the price of energy increases energy companies pass this on but when it drops they don’t see their bills fall. That is why we are holding the day of action this weekend. Our petition is calling on David Cameron to stand up to the big energy companies before the winter really begins to bite.”