Auckley school donates furniture to community

Kindhearted fundraisers at a school in Auckley has helped two community groups by donating furniture for their centres.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 1:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 1:38 pm
Hill House School, Doncaster, were delighted to be able to help two local community centres recently by donating furniture to be used by old and young alike

Hill House School, which is based in Doncaster, has expressed its delight at being able to help two local community centres by donating sticks of furniture to be used by old and young alike.

It is a big boost for the two community centres who were in need of the furniture to help update and to revamp their premises.

The independent Auckley school found that it had surplus chairs, tables and filing cabinets after recent renovations.

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Everyone at the school, including students and staff, were keen to pass these on to organisations who would be able to put them to good use.

These included Hill House caretaker, Eddie Cookson, (who is pictured left) with Woodlands Speaks volunteers Pete and Ernie.

And it was through the help of Doncaster Council, that they were put in touch with representatives from Waverley Community Centre in Balby and the Woodlands Speaks charity.

The charity, Woodlands Speaks, which run the community library in Woodlands, will use the chairs and filing cabinets to help them with the wide array of classes that they run.

These many and varied classes include '˜Golden Oldies Exercise' and computer classes, as well as their popular youth club and employment support services.

In addition to furniture for Woodlands Speaks other pieces of much-needed furniture will go to the Waverley Community Centre, which will put their table and chairs to use at their youth club and busy dance classes. 

Community manager at the Woodlands Speaks charity, Stephanie Bramhald, said: 'We hold lots of events, including an annual Halloween Event, for which the chairs Hill House donated will be put to use.'

She added: They will also be used every week by our youth club members and I would like to thank Hill House School for their support'.