As Sir David Attenborough celebrates 91st birthday, did you know of his Doncaster family connections?

David Attenborough with Doncaster relative Judith Huntridge in 2008.
David Attenborough with Doncaster relative Judith Huntridge in 2008.

National treasure Sir David Attenborough celebrates his 91st birthday today - but did you know the acclaimed television presenter has Doncaster family connections?

The much-loved wildlife presenter and broadcaster has watched animals all over the globe, but it wasn't until visiting South Yorkshire nearly a decade ago that he uncovered a local branch of his family tree.

Back in 2008, Sir David set eyes on a distant relative Judith Huntridge when he came to Meadowhall for a book signing.

Judith, a retired primary school teacher from Bessacar, had travelled to WH Smith at the shopping complex to be introduced to her world famous second cousin, once removed.

The then 62-year-old had even brought along two family wedding photographs taken in 1903 to show him.

Judith, who retired from teaching at Willow Primary School in 2005, said back in 2008: "The first time I realised was in the 50s - I was watching Zoo Quest and my dad told me Sir David was a relation.

"I kept watching all of his series but never really did much more about it until a couple of years ago when I stopped working and could do a bit more research.

"I made contact with someone on the internet who was also researching their connections with the family and she sent me over a family tree.

"I worked out that the relationship is that Sir David’s grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers."

Although Judith lost her Attenborough name when she married husband Nick, her brother Philip kept it going strong through his son and grandson.

Judith said it had been wonderful meeting her distant relative face to face after watching him for so many years on television.

She added: "I just wanted to meet him and have the chance to say hello and thank you for all the lovely programmes.

"It was really good to meet him after all those years."