Arrrrrrgh! Brian is a sat nav hero

Brian Blessed is the new voice of Tom Tom.
Brian Blessed is the new voice of Tom Tom.

DONCASTER-born actor Brian Blessed is taking a new career direction - as a voice for sat nav.

Brian, 74, agreed to use his distinctive voice to become a personal map reader after 25,000 people voted on Facebook to make him a voice for the firm Tom Tom.

The fun-loving actor has filled his booming commentary with his best-known catchphrases and references to his famous roles from Flash Gordon to Disney’s Tarzan.

He said: “These days I seem to be king of the voiceover.

“I made it great fun and filled it with things from Flash Gordon. “When you arrive I say, ‘You have arrived at your destination’ and do a war cry and Tarzan’s yodel. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!”

He added: “I need to get a sat nav. I am having one delivered.

“Kenneth Branagh said to me, ‘Brian you are in the 19th Century,’ I need to get in the 21st Century.”

Other sat nav instructions include: “You’ve reached your destination.  Congratulations.  Onwards and upwards!  To Everest next, and the North Pole.”

Brian, who was born in Mexborough, said he credits his Doncaster background with influencing his distinctive voice.

He said: “It’s my Yorkshire voice. I had to lose my accent in a way but what one must never lose is the Yorkshire expression.”

It looks set to be a busy year for Brian, who confirmed that he is meeting with representatives from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film with a “view to casting”.

The keen mountaineer said he is also filming adventure programmes for ITV in the Alps as well as retracing the mythological journey of Ulysses from Turkey to Greece in a traditional boat. Brian has also been working on space training programme in Moscow with a view to going to the International Space Station.

He said: “I think the greatest danger in life is not making the adventure. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

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