Are you aware of what day it is?

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As I write this it is an auspicious occasion. It has been decreed International Egg Day by The International Egg Commission no less.

They say: “World Egg Day is a unique opportunity to promote eggs. Every year more and more countries are developing exciting events and generating media interest around eggs and reaching out to consumers encouraging them to eat more eggs.” World Egg Day was established at the International Egg Commission’s Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate World Egg Day on the second Friday in October each year.

To be honest I’m getting fed up with this day for this, month for that, malarkey.

By nature I’m a contrarian so instead of consuming an omelette for my tea as usual I’m going to have a curry. That’s one in the eye for you International Egg Commission.

This month is no-alcohol October, so to cock another snook at authority, I’m going to have a good rinse at the boozer tonight before the curry. Next month it’s Movember, during which I intend to shave religiously.

But if I was to extend my little game and adopt an antithetical position in relation to every ‘day’ ‘week’ or ‘month’ which has been adopted by some cause, charity or industry, I would spin round and disappear up my own fundament.

Quite simply there are literally thousands of them.

A little Googling uncovered this list of ‘special’ days: Brownie Locks For the month of October it goes alphabetically from Adopt A Shelter Dog Month to World Menopause Month, taking in Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month, Gay and Lesbian History month and Feral Hog Month, Halloween Safety Month and National Chiropractic Month, with over 100 more to choose from. That’s just the month.

There just as many entries for each week and then each day which have been anointed to raise my awareness on an industrial scale.

If I was to consciously raise my awareness of each cause on just one particular day of the year,I would have to rise before dawn and it would require the concentration of a Taoist monk.

I used to think that in order to be able to adopt a day for a specific purpose you had to get the permission of someone important like the Queen, or Simon Cowell.

But no - it appears anyone can do it.

Someone somewhere around the world is naming a day after something now - and in 10 seconds time there will be another five or six different ones in each of the languages of the world.

I just wanted to raise your awareness of this issue, readers. Perhaps we should have a special day for it.