Arctic blast on the way for Doncaster THIS WEEKEND

Temperatures will plummet later this week and into the weekend, with the Arctic blast bringing with it the threat of snow and ice.

This month could be the coldest December since 2010
This month could be the coldest December since 2010

From Friday it will feel bitterly cold with temperatures struggling to get above freezing.

And with strong winds whipping straight down from the Arctic forecasters warn it will feel colder still.

The cold winds will bring in snow showers with much of northern England and Scotland likely to get a covering.

The current long-range forecast predicts that temperatures are likely to remain below average for the time of year for most of December with the threat of wintry showers never too far away.

Before then we are set for some milder and stormier conditions.

A large area of low pressure will sweep across the country late on Wednesday and into Thursday bringing with it strong winds and heavy rain.

Once that weather system has cleared the British Isles the cold weather will set in.