£50,000 worth of suspected stolen fireworks seized from Doncaster house: Police column

We have been kept really busy recently '“ dealing with antisocial behaviour issues which usually occur around the Halloween and Bonfire Night period, writes Insp Mark Payling

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 2:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 2:44 pm
The Fireworks display gets underway at the Doncaster Racecourse. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-03-11-18-RacecourseFireworks-2

We and partner agencies had two weeks'  significant activity to tackle the anticipated increase in antisocial behaviour over that period. Work included increased patrols, visits to schools,  diversionary activities and operations to tackle the illegal sale of fireworks.

I was pleased with the overall results in most areas We faced some issues in Stainforth on October 31 and November 1, which led to a large amount of complaints about anti-social behaviour. Issues included complaints about fireworks and eggs being thrown at people and houses, which led me to deploy more resources into Stainforth. It is always disappointing when such a small group of irresponsible people create issues for so many. But, our deployment led to a significant reduction in complaints over the weekend of  November 2-5.  

The Fireworks display gets underway at the Doncaster Racecourse. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-03-11-18-RacecourseFireworks-2

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This has meant we have not been able to concentrate on all the other issues we might otherwise have done, but I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight  crime issues to readers which have been occurring recently.

We are seeing a large number of car number plates stolen. You can make this crime more difficult by parking in the garage if possible, on the drive rather than the road and in places with CCTV coverage. You can also invest in anti tamper screws or buy theft resistant number plates. We have a limited number of tamper proof screws to give away. You can apply for them through our South Yorkshire Police email alerts.

We have seen some cases where offenders are breaking into houses and stealing the victim's car ignition keys. I am aware of crimes where the keys have been taken by the offender opening the letter box and fishing them out of the door lock or from a nearby side table. Consider hiding your keys upstairs or fitting a metal mail catcher to the door. Don't leave your car keys within easy reach and sight of the door.    

I just wanted to mention a few incidents which have taken place in the East of Doncaster over the past month;


In Thorne, we assisted Trading Standards with a search warrant on King Street, Thorne, in relation to counterfeit/illegal cigarettes and tobacco products being sold there. Goods were seized by trading standards who will be continuing the investigation. I was also made aware of an incident last week where a male was trying car door handles in the early hours..CCTV is being checked. Please ensure you keep your car locked and remove any valuables.  

In Stainforth and Barnby Dun, we received a report of a  burglary where a male visited a property and asked if he could look in the back garden for his lost dog. He was allowed to walk through the house and after he left, the occupant found her handbag was missing. Opportunist thieves will try anything to get into your house. If in doubt, don't let them in. Readers in Stainforth may have also seen two people riding a moped recently with no helmets on. This bike, and another, have  been recovered and suspected of being stolen. An arrest will soon follow.  

We executed a drugs warrant in Broadway, Dunscroft, which led to two males being arrested for possession of Cannabis, a van and between £30,000 - £50,000 worth of suspected stolen fireworks. One person was charged for the drugs offence and enquiries continue into where the fireworks came from. I also wanted to mention a robbery at Station Road, Dunscroft, on November 5, where the offenders entered the victim's house, assaulted and tied him up before taking property from the house. This was a very rare and unpleasant crime which we are continuing to investigate. An arrest has been made but no charges yet brought. 

Readers from the Armthorpe area may have noticed an increase in police patrols. Sadly, these did not prevent several car windscreens and a shop window getting smashed by small group of people. We have CCTV images of some of the offenders and enquiries are underway. If you have any information, please contact me. We also saw a piece of building plant stolen and pursued. The equipment was abandoned, and recovered. Although the offender escaped, enquiries are continuing. We  arrested a male for stealing a moped from the area. Officers also attended a series of burglaries of businesses in the early hours of one morning where the shutter doors were rammed using a vehicle and forced open. The premises were entered and items stolen. Enquiries are continuing.

In Askern, a commercial burglary occurred a few weeks ago where a shop was attacked during the early hours. The security shutters were dislodged with a vehicle.A selection of grocery items were stolen, but the ATM remained intact and was not targeted.

Finally, we have conducted a number of speeding operations this month. On Kirton Lane in Stainforth, 114 vehicles were monitored with 24 doing over the set limit of 30mph, the highest recorded at 44mph. On Marshland Road, Moorends, 300 vehicles were monitored during this time with five motorists doing over the 30mph speed limit. Finally, on Ellison Road, Thorne, 155 vehicles were monitored with one  doing over the 30mph speed limit.

If you would like to know more about what police activity is occurring in the East of Doncaster, you can sign up to SYP Alerts by registering via our website (www.southyorks.police.uk).