Appeal to Isle’s animal lovers over homeless dogs

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A Santa Paws Christmas Appeal has been launched across the Isle and North Lincolnshire in a bid to find homes for abandoned dogs.

The number of dogs cast out on the streets is on the increase, and causing concern to North Lincolnshire Council.

Christmas and the run-up to the festive season is a very busy time for the dog warden service. It picks up unwanted dogs and takes them to its contracted 24-hour Stray Dog Reception Centre at Sangreat Kennels near Brigg.

To help these unwanted pets, the council appeals to dog lovers to donate a present the size of a shoe box. This could include dog chews, collar and ID tag, leads, coats and blankets, canned dog food or bags of dried dog food.

People can leave their gifts at any local link or library across the Isle and North Lincolnshire from now until Christmas Eve.

Of 30 dogs picked up in November, only one had a collar and tag. The law does require both collars and tags.

If you can give any bereft dog a home, please get in touch with Sangreat Kennels on 01652 652453. For details of opening times and other dogs in need of a home, visit

Coun Nigel Sherwood, cabinet member for highways and neighbourhoods at North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“This is a very sad situation. We are meant to be a nation of dog lovers. But the stark reality is that many are leaving their once beloved pets out in the cold. This could be because they can no longer afford to keep them for whatever reason. But some people just don’t care.

“There is a very serious message to our Santa Paws appeal and that is to think really hard before you buy a pet as a Christmas present. They need time and money spending on them. You need to feed them, exercise them, vaccinate them, and be able to pay for any unforeseen vet bills and kennel fees when you go away. They are not toys, but living creatures.

“All too often, we end up picking up abandoned dogs from the streets and while we do our best to rehome them, this isn’t always possible – particularly if the dog is old or has health problems.

“The Santa Paws appeal will hopefully bring a little Christmas cheer to these poor, helpless and vulnerable dogs facing an uncertain future. Please be generous and donate a gift.”