‘Anyone who has got a scrotum, forget it’ - Doncaster-born Jeremy Clarkson launches scathing attack on BBC

Doncaster-born Jeremy Clarkson has launched a scathing attack on the BBC and claimed “anyone who has got a scrotum” stands no chance of being hired by the corporation.

The former Top Gear presenter criticised his former employer during an interview with the Radio Times. 

Jeremy Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson.

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The 58-year-old alleged that Nick Robinson never stood a chance of landing the job as the new presenter of Question Time.

Mr Robinson was the only man to audition for the job, on a shortlist that included Fiona Bruce, Kirsty Wark, Emily Maitlis and Samira Ahmed. Ms Bruce got the job.

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Mr Clarkson said: “Honestly, poor old Nick Robinson going for an interview for Question Time. What a waste of petrol that was. No chance he’s going to get it.

“Anyone who has got a scrotum, forget it. They just aren’t giving jobs to men at the moment. There is an argument that it’s been all-men for a long time, so what’s wrong with it being all-women for some time? I get that. That’s fine.

“We just, as men, have to accept we’ve had it. Let’s just go down the bar.”

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Clarkson was sacked as Top Gear presenter in 2015 for an attack on producer Oisin Tymon at a hotel in North Yorkshire.

He later apologised “for the incident and its regrettable aftermath.”