Angry TSB customers told to drive 46 miles to Doncaster branch as Hull bank closes early 'to avoid complaints'

TSB customers were told to drive 46 miles to Doncaster - after a branch in Hull closed early to avoid angry customers, it has been claimed.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:56 pm
The TSB branch in Doncaster where customers from Hull were directed to.
The TSB branch in Doncaster where customers from Hull were directed to.

The beleaguered bank has come under fire from angry clients after thousands were locked out of their accounts following a switchover in computer systems.

And it has been claimed that TSB closed some of its branches early at the weekend and turned off lights so staff wouldn't have to deal with irate customers.

Many of the 1.9million customers affected have been unable to make bank transfer payments, meaning vital bills have gone unpaid.

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Branches in Hull, Lincoln, Clifton in Nottingham, Greenock, Falkirk and Elgin in Scotland were among those reported to have shut early.

According to reports, the TSB in Hull closed at 1pm on Saturday when it usually shuts at 4pm.

The branch then directed customers to its nearest branches - 46 miles away in Doncaster or Retford in Nottinghamshire, which is 65 miles away.

Mark Brown, general secretary of the banking union TBU, told the Daily Mail: ‘I’ve heard of some branches where managers have said they will turn off the lights to stop people coming in.’

A TSB spokesman said: ‘Our branches are open as normal, however please be aware that they are currently busier than usual.

'At a local level, we may adjust the opening hours of a particular branch as required.’

The spokesman said lights were turned off when branches closed early to customers.