Anger as elderly residents face eviction from Doncaster care home

Amethyst House Care Home. Picture: Google
Amethyst House Care Home. Picture: Google

Frail elderly residents - some of which are believed to be receiving end-of-life care - face being evicted when a Doncaster care home closes at short notice.

Furious members of the public have vented their anger on Facebook after it was revealed Amethyst House Care Home in Rossington is set to close its doors within 30 days.

The facility is run by Four Seasons Health Care and there are 23 residents being cared for by 31 staff, some of which are believed to have dementia and are receiving end of life palliative care.

Residents say they found out about the closure through Facebook rather than being told directly by care home bosses and now face finding alternative accommodation quickly.

The company accepted that news of the closure "leaked" online before an official announcement, but added that the closure decision was "unavoidable."

Resident Imogen Challis said: "Come from a meeting at my mother-in-law's nursing home where we were told she, along with all other residents, are being evicted because the local authority can no longer afford to commission care from the Four Seasons group who lease the property meaning the nursing home is no longer viable.

"Profit before people! She is 96 with Alzheimer's, unable to walk, and no capacity mental or otherwise. 30 day consultation before closure plans enacted."

Jane Anderson said: "As if it was not bad enough for the 36 staff to be made redundant and 21 residents to be made homeless they found out not from Four Seasons but from Facebook."

Rossington and Bawtry councillor John Cooke said: "Sadly, Doncaster Council has officially been notified by the owners that Amethyst House Care Home is to close.

"This is tragic news for all the good, hardworking and loyal staff who have dedicated their time and professional effort over the years. Hopefully a new buyer can be found in good time to retain the staff and maintain an excellent facility for Rossington."

In a statement, Four Seasons Health Care said it "plans to cease operating Amethyst House Care Home in Rossington. We are undertaking consultation with the staff.
"The proposal to cease operating the home has not been arrived at easily, but we think it is unavoidable. Amethyst House has been operating at a loss as the fees it is receiving do not cover its operating costs. We have been paying to provide care and this is not sustainable.

"We tried to inform everyone in a sensitive manner and to ensure they heard the message directly from us. It is unfortunate and regrettable that news of the proposed closure unintentionally leaked out through a councillor’s social media post very shortly before we began meetings we had arranged with staff and residents and relatives.
"The wellbeing of the people living in the home is our priority and we will work closely with Doncaster Council’s social services team to ensure that the residents and their families are supported to find suitable alternative placements. Amethyst House will continue to provide care while we allow plenty of time for the most appropriate arrangements to be made."