And the '˜Teddy Bear' was born

America has always laid claim to being the birthplace of the 'Teddy Bear'.

Tuesday, 20th February 2018, 2:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 3:15 pm

Why is this?

Well, on a hunting trip in 1902 it is reputed that the then president Teddy Roosevelt, when having a perfect opportunity to shoot a bear, declined the shot refusing to kill the bear.

It is then said that Morris Michtom made a small commemorative bear and gave it to the president in commemoration of the incident.

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This was Teddy’s bear.

It is though Germany who can lay claim to the most famous teddy bear maker of all.

Margarete Steiff was producing jointed bears from 1902.

A Steiff bear has the trademark “Steiff” embossed on a small white metal button in its ear.

Classic Steiff bears have ears that are small, cupped and set wide apart, noses with horizontal stitching joining an upturned Y-shaped mouth and paws featuring four (or five on very early bears) stitched claws.

An early Steiff bear in good and original condition can realise many thousands of pounds.

When teddy bear mania arrived in Britain, existing toy manufacturers began to produce their own teddies.

The banning of German imports during the First World War led to an increase in the number of British makers including Chad Valley, Farnell and Deans.

By the Second World War British bears had become plumper with shorter legs and fatter faces.

Synthetic fibres replaced the mohair plush. British bears always realise less than their German counterparts but still are and always have been very popular with collectors.