American voters were asked to identify Iran on a map - and one thought it was near Sheffield

American voters were asked to identify Iran on a world map – with one placing it near Sheffield.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 7:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 7:31 pm

Following recent tensions between the United States and Iran, technology firm Morning Consult asked US voters to see if they could pinpoint the Middle Eastern country on an unlabelled map.

Only 28% could correctly identify Iran – with one voter appearing to place it in the Midlands of England, not too far from Sheffield.

They were among ten people polled who thought Iran was part of the UK.

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People were asked to identify Iran on a map. (Photo: Morning Consult).

Others thought it was just off Grimsby in the North Sea, while others plumped for Wales and the west country.

Dozens more thought it was in Europe – with voters pinpointing France, Germany and Spain.

The Morning Consult/Politico survey found that fewer than 3 in 10 registered voters could identify the Islamic republic on an unlabeled map.

The firm said the polling experiment sheds light on voters’ geographical unfamiliarity with foreign countries, even those with which the United States has been engaged in sustained conflict.

Men were about twice as likely as women to be able to identify Iran on maps while wealthier and more educated voters were also more likely to get it right.