All you need to know for the Olympic Torch relay - #doncastertorch

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THE Olympic Torch finally arrives in Doncaster today - when thousands of people are expected to line the town’s streets for an historic day.

Scores of spectators will line the streets of Conisbrough, Warmsworth, Doncaster, Armthorpe, Hatfield and Dunsville as the torch makes its way from Sheffield to Cleethorpes on day 39 of the 70 day, 8,000 mile relay around the UK before its arrival in the capital marks the opening of the London 2012 Olympics on July 27.

Between 9.50am, when the torch is scheduled to arrive in Conisbrough and 1.49pm, when it will leave Hatfield, the flame will be proudly held aloft by 45 individual torchbearers including brave paratrooper Ben Parkinson, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, as well as youngsters, pensioners and scores of inspirational locals who have battled against adversity, excelled at sport or helped raise thousands of pounds for charity. Sky Sports football pundit Chris Kamara will add a touch of celebrity glamour by running on Leger Way.

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Torch arrives: 1.39pm

Where to see it:

1.39pm: Manor Road

1.47pm: Doncaster Road

1.56pm: High Street (A18) Torch bearers: Dan Porter, Manoj Tuganit, Venus Balbuena.


Torch arrives: 9.50am (Times approximate and subject to change)

Where to see it

9.50am: Old Road from Hill Top junction

10.03am: Church Street 10.05am: Castle Street

10.06am: Castle Hill

10.08am: Low Road (A6023)

10.10am: Doncaster Road (A630)

Convoy: Conisbrough to Warmsworth

Torch bearers: Acker Shaw, Caroline Waugh, Elspeth Whitby, Lucy Wade, Michael Elliott, Sarah Wike, Sheng Hu, Sunny Hothi, Tony Eaton (300m each).


Torch arrives: 10.23am

Where to see it

10.23am: Sheffield Road (A630)

10.36am: Warmsworth Road (A630)

10.56am: Balby Road (A630)

Torch bearers: Adrian Howes, Ben Bowns, Fabi Cruz, Hazel Bamford, Ian Wainwright, Jake Cook, Julie Arnold, Leah Wren, Megan Abel, Olivia Thompson, Vicky Exley.


Torch arrives: 12.57pm

Where to see it:

12.57pm: Armthorpe Road from Mansfield Crescent

12.58pm: Doncaster Road

1.04pm: Church Street

1.11pm: Mill Street

1.12pm: Hatfield Lane to Willow Road junction

Convoy: Armthorpe to Dunsville

Torch bearers: Jonathan Buckley, Nick Gregory, Saphron Newman, Simon Boguszewski, Simon Wheatcroft.


Torch arrives: 11.02am

Where to see it:

11.02am: Balby Road

11.03am: Cleveland Street (A630)

11.14am: Hall Gate

11.17am: South Parade

11.21am: Bennetthorpe

11.29am: Leger Way to Huntingdon Road junction

11.31am: Doncaster College for The Deaf (lunch break)

12.34pm: Leger Way (A18)

Convoy: Doncaster to Armthorpe Torch bearers: Ben Parkinson, Chris Kamara, Craig Tobin, Diana Swanson, Jack Marshall, James Needham, Joanne Heywood, Matty Slator, Olivia Buxton, Steve Keast, Terry Rigg. Also running in the borough: Tony Bradwell, Robert Geldard, Daniel Allen, Trevor Hoskins, Jasmyn Owen (all British Olympic Association).


Torch arrives: 1.20pm

Where to see it:

1.20pm: Thorne Road (A18) from Wyndthorpe Hall

1.25pm: High Street (A18)

1.35pm: Doncaster Road

Torch bearers: Christopher Ince, David Driver, Hollie Woodhouse, Juan Valdez, Katie Ogley, Ruth Crawshaw.

Cleveland Street from Duke Street to Hall Gate closed from 0600 (limited access at discretion of stewards) and open on dispersal of crowd

Hall Gate from High Street to South Parade closed from 0600 (limited access at discretion of stewards) and open on dispersal of crowd

Silver Street (one direction) from Hall Gate to Sunny Bar closed from 0600 (limited access at discretion of stewards) and open on dispersal of crowd

A1(M) Jct 36 (slips onto A630) from exit slips onto Balby Road closed from 1000 and open on dispersal of traffic