ALERT: Fraudsters who intercept calls and steal large sums of money could be operating in South Yorkshire

Cyber crime.
Cyber crime.

Fraudsters are stealing large sums of money from victim’s bank accounts by taking control of their mobile phones and intercepting texts sent by banks.

South Yorkshire residents are being warned about the scam after one victim in London lost £22, 300 when scammers used the sneaky trick to raid their Santander accounts.

Another two victims had £19, 500 drained from their Santander accounts after criminals intercepted the bank's text messages.

Action Fraud has issued a warning about the scam amid fears offenders could now be operating in South Yorkshire.

A spokesperson said: "Always make sure you have suitable anti-virus software installed and keep it up to date.

"Always consider what you are downloading – do not open files or click on links from unknown sources.

"If you discover a virus on your computer, disconnect from the internet immediately and ask a specialist for advice.

"When creating a password, try not to use the same password for more than one account. This will prevent further accounts being taken over if one has been compromised.

"Try not to post information on social media such as your birth date, your first pet, or school as these are normally included in security questions to reset your password.

"Report fraud and cyber crime to Action Fraud and receive a police crime reference number."