Agony for lost boy's parents after 'sighting'

ANOTHER nationwide appeal for lost boy Andrew Gosden has resulted in more frustration for the teenager's despairing parents.

Kevin and Glenys Gosden, of Littlemoor Lane in Balby, shared their story with viewers of The One Show on BBC last week - and within hours of the programme a possible sighting of the youngster was reported in Herefordshire.

The informant, however, who reported the sighting through a police intercom box at Leominster Station, left before officers had the chance to talk to him.

"It's becoming a new form of subtle torture," said Andrew's dad Kevin on the ongoing search for clues. "We don't really know whether this person had something really concrete.

"Andrew knows that part of the world - we've been on holiday there - but we don't really know enough.

"Perhaps there's somebody that knows something that we don't," he added. "But the longer it goes the more we get thinking he's probably either dead or not free.

"If he's still alive I suspect that he'll wait until his 16th birthday next July to show his hand.

"I think he'd be more worried about what the police, psychologists or education welfare officers might do with him. It's all speculation though."

Andrew, who was 14 at the time of his disappearance, went missing on September 14 last year when he bought a one-way train ticket to London.

CCTV footage of the youngster leaving King's Cross Station remains the only definitive sighting of him since.

The Gosdens will appear on BBC2's Revealed programme this Saturday and both Sky News and Channel Five news later this month to highlight their appeal over the festive season.

Kevin added: "We've both been feeling a bit bleak about it but perhaps there's a bit more hope.

"You just keep thinking somebody somewhere must've seen him."

Anyone with information can contact Missing People on 0500 700 700.