Activities kept lid on mischief night in Doncaster, say police

Insp Lynne Lancaster
Insp Lynne Lancaster

A series of planned activities for youngsters is being credited for keeping a lid on so-called 'mischief night' mayhem in Doncaster this year.

Doncaster has had a tradition which has seen youngsters hitting the streets at Halloween and the night before Bonfire Night causing trouble which has in the past included turning people's cars upside down.

But residents say this year the number of complaints were down and reported no major incidents - citing an activity scheme as one of the reasons, as well as a high profile policing presence on the streets.

Doncaster town centre inspector Lynne Lancaster said: "There were very few instances of mischief night trouble.

"There were a lot of diversionary activities this year, and the feeling is that it worked.

"We invited community groups to put bids in and for money for diversionary activities on the key dates and we think they came up trumps.

"I think it is definitely something that we would look at doing again next year."

A total of 18 activities which were funded in central Doncaster by the police and Doncaster Council included sessions at local boxing clubs, a disco, and cheerleading sessions.

The activities were not the only measures that were taken to try to deal with any possible problems.

People who caused problems last year received visits from officers to wan them that there would be police presence on the night looking out for any anti-social behaviour.

In total, South Yorkshire saw more than 580 incidents reported during a six hour period during Saturday November 4.

Incidents in some parts of the county included damge to a fire engine, and fireworks put through letter boxes.