Action taken against Sheffield 'juice detox' firm used by celebrities for failing to deliver prize


A watchdog has taken action against a Sheffield 'juice detox' firm favoured by celebrities for failing to deliver a prize to a competition winner on time.

A woman claimed she had been declared the winner of a 'three day and one month detox plan' prize from Juice to U - but she complained to the Advertising Standards Authority when the package never arrived.

The firm posted details of a competition to their Twitter account in December 2016 which gave followers the chance to 'Win a three day and one month detox healthy eating plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, sides, alkaline water, juices.'

An ASA report said the complainant was tagged in a tweet that stated she was the winner but the prize had still not arrived after several months and she filed a complaint to the watchdog.

The watchdog upheld the competition winner's complaint and found that the firm had breached the Committee of Advertising Practice code.

The watchdog also criticised the firm for failing to respond to them during their investigation and ordered them to ensure a prize is sent to the winner.

The report states: "The ASA was concerned by Juice to U Ltd's lack of response and apparent disregard for the code.

"The CAP code stated that promoters must award the prizes as described in their marketing communications or reasonable equivalents, normally within 30 days.

"They must also avoid causing unnecessary disappointment and must ensure their promotions were conducted under proper supervision.

"Because we understood that the prize had not been delivered to the complainant, and Juice to U Ltd had not provided us with evidence that it had been sent, we concluded that the promotion had not been administered in accordance with the CAP code and was in breach.

"We told Juice to U Ltd to avoid causing unnecessary disappointment to consumers in the administration of future promotions. We told them to award the prize as described, or a reasonable equivalent, to the complainant."

The Juice to U website states it offers a detox programme consisting of juices that are delivered to your door to aid weight loss and to leave you 'feeling fully revitalised, refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated.'

The firm also displays endorsements from a number of celebrities, including singer Kerry Katona and reality TV star Amy Childs.

We contacted the firm, which the report said was based in Chippinghouse Road but it is believed has since moved to a new address, for comment and are awaiting a response.