Action plan to deal with notorious Doncaster town centre eyesore

Plans have been drawn up to tidy up one of Donaster town centre’s most notorious eyesores.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 2:55 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 3:03 pm
The former amusement arcade on the corner of Bowers Fold and Silver Street. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-02-03-19-AmusementArcade-2

The former amusement arcade building on the corner of Bowers Fold and Silver Street is being targeted for a facelift which will see it covered with art from a local artist, to improve its appearance.

It comes at a time when officials at Doncaster Council are looking to cover a number of empty shop fronts with attractive ‘wraps’.

The former amusement arcade on the corner of Bowers Fold and Silver Street. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-02-03-19-AmusementArcade-2

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Town centre businesses have recently raised concerns about the condition of the former amusements, which has not been occupied for around 20 years. Concerns have been raised at the Doncaster Town Centre Business Forum, where businesses are given access to influential figures from the council and police.

But is is understood council officials are limited in what they can do because of issues including a dispute over the former amusement arcade building’s ownership.

One shopkeeper based near to the stop told the Doncaster Town Centre Business forum he had seen rats in the area of the derelict former arcade.

Retail Investment officer Adrian Banks told the meeting there discussions ongoing with a view to boarding the front of the building, with work by the Doncaster artist Nick Boruk being put on the boards. Mr Boruk’s distinctive Blok Heds characters are already on display around the market.

The upstairs part of the building would be painted to look like a normal building, with windows painted on.

The building fronts on to Silver Street, which is due to be targeted with a major improvement project later this year.

Work is currently going on to improve Hall Gate, and officials say that will be completed in May, after suffering a delay.

The work to improve Silver Street, which will be pedestrianised, will start a few weeks after the completion of the work on Hall Gate.

Meanwhile, businesses have also been told plans are set to move forwards to improve other empty shop fronts.

Chris Dungworth, of Business Doncaster,  said: “We’re going to roll out some shop front wraps, which will see designs going round the buildings, in the next few months. It’s being addressed.”

The next Town Centre Business Forum meeting will be at the Danum Hotel on March 26 at 5.30pm, and businesses can email [email protected] for details.