Action over litter as nappies dumped in street in Doncaster town during hot weather

Residents have swung into action to try to deal with concerns over 'increasing' litter in a Doncaster town.

Friday, 8th September 2017, 9:36 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
Litter on the streets of Stainforth

Volunteers from two groups in Stainforth have taken on work to remove litter and dumped rubbish, while another community leader has taken matters into her own hands by taping a bin bag to a wall at a blackspot.

The moves come as concerns have been raised over what is seen as a rise in littering in and around Princess Avenue, Junction Road, East Lane and parts of Thorne Road in the former mining town.

Stainforth Town Council is aware of the issue.

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Mayor of Stainforth Lorraine Crosby said: "This is something that has been mounting, I think, every week for the last three or four months. We have been calling the council and they sent their van out.

"When we had the recent hot spell, Phil Bedford at the library took a team of volunteers out and they filled about six sacks of rubbish. The council has sent their road sweeper only a couple of weeks before.

"It has been pop bottles, takeaway wrappers, sweet wrappers and cans. I don't think there was a big problem six or seven months ago, but now its looking like a shanty town - disgusting and horrific.

"There used to be bins on lampposts, but many of them were pulled off and burned by vandals."

Dirty nappies which had been dumped on Junction Road were among the items taken away by volunteers on another occasion.

Coun Crosby took her own action by taping a refuse sack to a wall on Princess Avenue, which she added was used and filled.

She said she was keen to warn people that litter could lead to problems with vermin such as rats.

The council is looking to meet with local primary schools when they return to school to ask them to help by asking pupils to design posters for them warning against littering and stressing the problems it can cause.

It has also dished out six Mayor's Awards to volunteers who have helped clear up in recent months.

They were handed to Dave Scorer, John HIll and Barry Pearson, all from the Stainforth Environmental Regeneration Group; and to Tim Hinsley, Lorraine Turner and Christine Lewis, all from Stainforth4All. Resident Fred Turner has also been offered the award.