A smile to say ‘I quit’ during Stoptober

A woman smoker.A woman smoker.
A woman smoker.
Take a bite at improving your oral health by stubbing out the cigarettes starting tomorrow.

Community dental oral health promoters across Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust are encouraging all smokers to quit as part of the national Stoptober campaign.

Research has shown that those who manage to stop during the 31-day challenge are more likely to give up for good.

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A lot of smokers are unaware of the affects that smoking has on their mouth, teeth and gums, which is why Joanne Nejrup specialist dental nurse has given her full support to Stoptober.

She said: “The most obvious problem is staining of the teeth from the nicotine and tar. This is often yellow or even brown staining in heavy smokers.

“Smokers are more prone to gum disease as smoking changes the type of bacteria in dental plaque increasing the harmful bacteria.

“It also reduces the blood flow in the gums and supporting tissues that hold the teeth in place making them more likely to become inflamed. If left untreated, gum disease or periodontitis can eventually lead to loosing teeth because all the structures that hold the teeth in place have been destroyed.

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“In more serious cases, smoking is the lead cause of mouth cancer. I would encourage anyone thinking about quitting the habit to get involved in this month’s campaign.”

Joanne added: “No-one wants an unhealthy smile but we can only help ourselves to prevent any damages.”

Anyone wanting to sign up to the Stoptober campaign, visit www.stoptober.co.uk