999: What’s Your Emergency viewers desperate to help grieving dad after break-in

Viewers of a new TV reality show focusing on South Yorkshire Police were left heartbroken after cameras captured the moment a grieving dad suffered a break-in at his home.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 12:07 pm

The new series of 999: What’s Your Emergency? kicked off with officers racing to the home an elderly man, known only as Nick, who had been forced to lock himself into his bedroom after raiders smashed their way into his multiple occupancy home.

And viewers were left upset as Nick revealed that his world had fallen apart since the tragic death of his son and that he was left living in fear and looking to move out of his crumbling and rundown house.

He told the Channel 4 show: “I feel I’m on the wrong planet, with the wrong people. I feel I’m misplaced here. I don’t feel I’m safe here.

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Viewers were left in tears by the plight of Nick on 999: What's Your Emergency? (Photos: Channel 4).

"I feel scared living in a shared house. I’m worried about going to the toilet.”

He told officers that police had been at the house four times in less than a year and explained that he had been living in bedsits and HMO properties since the death of his son.

He added: “He was epileptic. He was found on waste ground, he’d gone for a walk. I never got over the death of my son, I never got over that.”

PCs Dani Devey and Keeley Lees were called to the scene as attackers were still on the scene.

Viewers were left heartbroken at the scenes and took to Twitter to have their say.

One wrote: “We need to help Nick! What a lovely man who has been through so much!”

While another added: “I was wondering if we could get any more information about Nick on this show. It’s absolutely heartbreaking what he’s had to go through . Me and my family would love to help. Or create a go fund me page where people can help too.”

Another wrote: “The old guy who lost is son on #999whatsyouremergency has just broken my heart.”

While another wrote: “He’s breaking my heart. So upsetting.”

The series continues at 9pm on Channel 4 next Monday.