77% of Doncaster people would not sleep with someone on a first date, survey reveals

Would you sleep with someone on a first date?
Would you sleep with someone on a first date?

More than three quarters of people in Doncaster would not sleep with someone on a first date, a new survey has revealed.

And the statistics also revealed that 63% of the town's singletons are not using dating apps for casual encounters, but are looking for love.

But the figures also showed that one fifth of people are scared they will never find their soulmate.

Gone are the days where you could chat someone up at a dinner dance - but even the concept of talking to someone in a bar or club seems to be facing extinction.

Instead, people have turned to technology to find the perfect mate.

The most notorious trend to come out of dating apps is the casual hook up – where people just ‘swipe right’ for a one-night stand - because it’s easy, rather than trying to invest in a proper relationship.

Dating app TrueView.me, which carried out the survey discovered that 63% do NOT look for casual fun when it comes to online dating.

And it seems our standards – and morals – are generally pretty high, too: 77% of us would NOT sleep with someone on a first date.

Of the 23% of randy little devils who would sleep with someone on a first date, though, 77.8% of those were male.

And when it comes to ages, it’s actually Generation X – the 35 to 44 year olds – who would be the most likely to jump into the sack on date one, with 50% of those admitting they would go for it.

The least likely were, perhaps surprisingly, Millennials – only 11.1% of 18 to 24 year olds would rush into sexual relations.

A fifth of us (20%) are petrified we’ll never find our soulmate - of these, it’s men more than women – over half were male.

And the older generation are worried about being lonely for the rest of their days – over a third (33.3%) are 65 and over.

Finally, the results found that almost a third of us (32.3%) dislike the term ‘hook up culture’.

“It seems that Brits are more romantic and hopeful about finding love than we might have imagined,” says Matt Verity, founder of TrueView “And that’s encouraging, as these new methods of dating are only going to evolve and get more prevalent.”