£600 bill for Doncaster man whose rubbish ended up being flytipped

Doncaster magistrates court
Doncaster magistrates court

A Doncaster man who paid a stranger £40 to dispose of his rubbish has ended up having to fork out over £600.

The rubbish he paid to have removed was later found flytipped in the same village from which it had been picked up by the mystery man who took it away, a court heard.

Tommy Smith, aged 23, of The Circuit, Woodlands, admitted failing to comply with his duty of taking reasonable measures to make sure his rubbish was passed to an authorised person for disposal, at a hearing at Doncaster Magistrates' Court.

He was tracked down by Doncaster Council officials after a pile of rubbish was found fly-tipped at Long Lands Lane, in Woodlands, Doncaster, on December 11 last year. It contained documents linking it to Smith.

Mark Cundy, prosecuting, told the court Smith had paid an unknown man £40 to get rid of his waste.

He has no previous convictions.

In defence, James Gray said there were three bags of waste involved, and Smith accepted responsibility to the council officers who inverviewed him.

He said Smith had contacted a man who had been interested in taking scrap metal, and agreed to take the black bags for £40. He said he did not check his licence.

Passing sentence, presiding magistrate Kelvin Wigham said: "As you have heard, it is the person who has the waste who is responsible for taking it away. Ignorance is no defence.

"The more people are aware of your circumstances the better for the public, and for our countryside.

Smith, who works as a cleaning supervisor, was ordered to pay a fine of £125. He must also pay £539 in compensation which includes the cost of cleaning up after the waste was dumped.