£300,000 park plan in the pipeline for Doncaster village

A new park is set to be created in Doncaster using more than £300,000 which has come from developers.

The park in Edenthorpe will provide much-needed new play facilities for youngsters in an area where the old playground was condemned nearly a decade ago.

It’s sorely needed because we haven’t got a park on that side of the village

The Far Field site will be next to allotments off Church Balk Gardens in the village.

The scheme will also include an outdoor gym for older users, a community garden and new allotments to meet demand in the neighbourhood, under existing plans.

Around £330,000 has been secured in contributions from developers who have been behind recent housing schemes carried out in the area.

It is hoped the plans will be finalised soon and that work can begin this summer, with the park opening either late this year or early in 2018.

Edenthorpe Parish Council clerk Anne Flanagan is among those who have been involved in working on the plans.

She said: “It’s sorely needed because we haven’t got a park on that side of the village at all for the children.

“The plans look lovely and hopefully work can start soon.”

The park will be created on greenfield land, which is currently used by dog walkers but has little in the way of facilities.

Ms Flanagan said although part of the land was fairly attractive other parts were an ‘eyesore’.

As well as new play and gym equipment, there are plans for car parking spaces for allotment holders and other visitors.

There will also be cycle parking, more lighting and benches.

A new storage space and tea room could also be created in the allotment area under the proposed scheme.

Edenthorpe Parish councillor Fred Gee, who has also been involved with looking into the planned park, said that it had come about after the parish council had decided to look into buying the allotments from Doncaster Council.

“We found out there was all this section 106 money (contributions provided by developers to fund local infrastructure) so we decided it could be used to provide extra allotments, a community garden and a play area,” he said.

“The idea is that the parents will be able to work in the community garden while watching over their children on the play equipment next door.

“We’re delighted with the plans and hopefully work can begin this summer.”

Coun Gee said a number of parish councillors had been involved in the work towards the new park, praising Ms Flanagan and his fellow parish councillors for their work to make it a reality.

Section 106 agreements are legal agreements between councils and developers linked to planning permission and often involve cash for facilities.