250 people gather in Doncaster town centre in peaceful vigil for Palestine

250 people gathered in Doncaster town centre to stage a peaceful vigil for Palestine.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 9:57 am
People came together in Doncaster in solidarity with Palestine.
People came together in Doncaster in solidarity with Palestine.

Protesters gathered in Sir Nigel Gresley Square on Saturday to light candles, lay flowers and pay tribute to those killed in the conflict in the Middle East.

A number of speakers also took to the stage to condemn the violence between Israel and Palestine

Organiser Ann Louise-Bayley said: “It was a good turnout and it went exactly how we wanted it to. It was peaceful and respectful.”

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More than 250 people gathered in Sir Nigel Gresley Square in the vigil for Palestine.

“I'd say in excess of 250 attended, way more than I expected.

"To see our town come together as one was awesome.”

The gathering was described as ‘an opportunity for Doncaster to show solidarity with the Palestine people.’

Ann said: “The vigil was for all the innocents killed in the Palestine conflict.

She added: “I’m deeply saddened and horrified at the events happening in Palestine so I thought I would organise a vigil where we can all come together as a town and as a community to show our respects.

“Personally, as a mum, I can't imagine the pain felt by those whose children have been killed. I thankfully can go to bed safe in the knowledge my children will not be bombed.

“I just felt I needed to do something in our town – something to mark the innocent deaths and show solidarity with Palestine.”

Rockets and air strikes have continued in the region, destroying buildings as the death toll climbs with ten people killed in rocket attacks on Israel while in Gaza, the overall death toll stands at more than 200.