£20k quiz show scoop for Russell

Doncaster man Russell Brown on Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire.
Doncaster man Russell Brown on Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire.

HE’S in the money!

Doncaster sales manager Russell Brown kept his cool in a very hot seat to walk away with a £20,000 cheque on live TV.

Russell, 33, faced quiz show host Chris Tarrant on live ITV’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and within minutes of stepping up on the podium was thousands richer.

Now Russell could be lighting up the sky around his home at Dunsville with some of the Chinese fireworks he imports for a living, in celebration at his unexpected windfall.

When asked by the host how much he would like to win, Russell said: “Being realistic I would say £20,000 because that’s a life changing amount of money. God forbid it doesn’t happen but if I only go with £1,000 it’s more than I came with.”

He got to question seven, then opted to keep the cash rather than gamble when asked what spirit replaces vodka to turn a Bloody Mary in to a Bloody Maria?

After roping in his ‘phone a friend’ brother Andrew, who also didn’t have a clue, Russell decided to take the money.

Russell confessed that if he made the gamble for £50,000, he would have gone for rum, when the answer was in fact tequila. If he had have risked his answer he would have walked away with £1,000.

Married for ten years to his wife Vicky, Russell revealed his plans to renew his wedding vows on the show, but has also hinted that he may look at splashing a bit of cash on a flashy car or a holiday.

This series of the hit quiz show was altered by TV bosses, to allow viewers to play along by answering the questions on an online game, against the clock.

The speed of their responses is then ranked in a leader board against other online competitors.

Live shows began on Monday.