10 reasons why kids think their grandma is cooler than their mum

Kids think their grandma is cooler than their mumKids think their grandma is cooler than their mum
Kids think their grandma is cooler than their mum
More than half of British kids prefer their granny to their own mother, according to a new report.

Mum is no longer the word for 52 per cent of children, says the study by new website for families, www.familiesonline.co.uk

Researchers took an in-depth look into how busy lives and hectic schedules mean grandmothers are having a bigger influence than ever on family life.

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More than half of the British mums who took part in the study admitted that, if you asked their children, they would say they preferred their own mother or their mother in-law to them. And it’s breaking mothers' hearts across the nation - with almost one in three (27 per cent) complaining they feel ‘hurt’ by their children’s devotion to their grandma.


1. Trips to the park - 71%

2. Long walks - 54%

3. Arts and crafts - 48%

4. Meals out - 41%

5. Baking - 40%

6. Holidays - 35%

7. Swimming - 30%

8. Dancing - 17%

9. Bike rides - 15%

10. Fair grounds - 13%

Mums say the main reasons for kids preferring granny are that she spoils them (79 per cent), they always get their own way with her (50 per cent), and she’s a better cook (20 per cent).

And almost half (46 per cent) complained a bias towards granny is largely to do with her being ‘less stressed’ with the kids.

A further 13 per cent admitted granny has more patience and is better at listening to the children – and 15 per cent say she reads books to them on a regular basis.

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Faye Mingo, from www.familiesonline.co.uk which commissioned the study among 1,600 of its members, said: “It’s great news for grandmothers that children enjoy their company so much.

"The bond between grandparents and grandchildren can be very special. However, mums need not feel worried or threatened by it at all.

“There really is no stronger bond than between a child and its mother – and it’s only when we grow up and have our own children that we realise just how much we really appreciate our own mum.

“We know that due to the pressures of modern day life, a lot of parents just aren’t able to spend the time that they’d like with their children, and these ‘silver saviours’ are stepping in where they can to help

Finding that quality family time is really important, which is one of the reasons that Families was set up, providing inspiration for days out and activities that all the family can enjoy.”

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