What’s on at Doncaster Vue cinema

(Times are for Saturday and Sunday showings only)

Transformers - Dark Of The Moon 2D/3D: (12A) (11.00***, 13.30, 14.00***, 16.20***, 16.50, 17.20***, 19.40***, 20.10, 20.30***, 23,00***, 23.25*) With a space race raging between the Americans and the Russians, the Autobots and Decepticons are in a race to the death of their own.

Bridesmaids: (15) (12.40, 15.15, 17.50, 20.30, 23.15*) A desperate woman has to organise a bunch of misfit bridesmaids.

Bad Teacher: (15) (16.55, 19.10, 21.20, 23.30) A foul-mouthed junior high school teacher decides to turn over a new leaf to buy the boob job that will bag her the hot new teacher in school.

Green Lantern: (12A) (11.30, 14.20, 17.10, 19.50) A green ring is given to a test pilot and along with the ring come special powers.

X-Men - First Class: (12A) (22.30*) 1963 and Charles Xavier is setting up a school for anyone with special powers. But not all will remain good.

Kung Fu Panda 2 2D/3D: (PG) (10.00***, 11.00, 12.00***, 13.30, 15.40, 14.10***, 18.00). Po is called upon to work together with five kung-fu masters to secure the very future of kung-fu itself.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: (12A) (10.20, 13.40) Captain Jack Sparrow is back to his old tricks, this time looking for the fountain of youth, if the mermaids, zombies and Blackbeard don’t get in his way.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: (PG) (11.20). Life in middle school continues to be hell for Greg Hefley.

Larry Crowne: (12A) (20.20, 22.45*) A sacked middle-aged man goes back to college.

Tangled: (PG) (10.30) A bandit hides out in a high tower not realiwing that it is the prison where Rapunzel is kept. How can he introduce her to an outside world she’s never visited?

Key: * Sat only ** Sun only *** 3D