We catch up with boy band The Wanted ahead of Doncaster Racecourse show

The Wanted
The Wanted

British boy band sensations The Wanted are set to storm Doncaster Racecourse next weekend with a concert set to prove the group are here to stay.

In anticipation of their forthcoming summer album and ahead of their Town Moor date on May 14, Ellen Storey caught up with the band’s Nathan Sykes to chat about Brit Awards, bad habits, and breaking every boy band rule in Britain!

What are your plans for the year ahead?

We’re looking forward to coming to Doncaster, it should be a great concert. I went to school with a lot of people from Doncaster, they’re all lovely!

We’re releasing a new single this summer, we’re not sure what it will be as it’s not been confirmed yet and to be honest we’re not sure if it’s even been written. We do know it will be taken from the new album. We are proud to say we’ve a lot a lot more input into the writing of the second album. Record companies always seem a bit nervous about bands writing too much on first albums just in case they’re not up to scratch, but we can actually write!

So do you conform to the boy band image?

We’re not your stereotypical boy band. We don’t sing sitting on stools in white linen suits and we don’t have just one decent singer that carries the rest of the lads. I guess some people would say we’re rule breakers. We’ve broken every boy band rule in Britain!

What was it like performing your single ‘Lose my Mind’ on the X Factor?

It was a brilliant experience. Simon Cowell is a great judge. What you get on TV is what you get in real life with Simon. We shook his hand and thanked him for having us on the show and he turned round and said “Well I wouldn’t have had you on if I didn’t think you had a great future as a band.” We were really chuffed!

Louis is an absolute legend. Max was previously in a band called ‘Avenue A’ who were disqualified from the X Factor after reaching boot camp. Louis just looked us all right in the face, grinned and said “I take credit for you guys. If I hadn’t turned Max down on the show, ‘The Wanted’ wouldn’t be what they are now!” It was really funny. Cheryl is really beautiful in real life, we saw her and all just went “Wow”. We didn’t really get chance to talk to Cheryl or Danni much though, they were both surrounded by a bit of an entourage having their hair and make up done. But they both seemed lovely.

What did you think of the other contestants?

We all really liked Rebecca, she’s amazing. Matt Cardle pretty much ignored us all day. Contrary to recent press rumours I am not dating Cher Lloyd! I do think she’s very refreshing though, it was nice to see someone a bit different than the usual people you get on the show.

Do you have any plans to crack America?

Being successful in America seems to be all about waiting for the right time. It would be amazing if it happened one day but right now we’re more than happy in the UK. We’re not moving out of the country or anything, we’re not going anywhere!

How did it feel to win two awards at the Celebritain awards, one for ‘Best Tweeter’ and one for ‘Fittest Male’?

I’m really flattered but they should have at least given it to someone who thinks they’re good looking! I look like the sloth from ‘Ice Age’, its embarrassing! When I tweet I just like to say random things and be a bit opinionated.

How did you feel about being nominated for a Brit Award?

We were gutted because we got stuck at the airport and couldn’t go to the award ceremony. I’d have loved to have been there sitting in between Rhianna and Cheryl. That’s every man’s dream! It would be very special to win a Brit award. It’s a great British award that every British artist wants. If we ever became successful in America, it would be amazing to win a Grammy. We’ve just got to keep working hard.

What’s it like living with the rest of the band? Has anyone got any really bad habits?

The main culprit is Tom Parker, he’s just one big bad habit! I saw him eating out of a pizza box the other day, but he wasn’t eating pizza, he was eating chilli con carne out of it! Some days I’ll get up and see him in my clothes, say “Alright mate, nice t shirt,” and he’ll go, “Oh yeah do you like it? I got it in town the other day.” And then I’ll say, “No mate, you nicked it of out my wardrobe!” But Tom does make up for his messiness by cooking. Although he’s only got two recipes, chilli and curry, so it gets a bit boring after a while!

* Tickets for The Wanted live after racing at Doncaster Racecourse on May 14 are available on 01302 304200 or at www.doncaster-racecourse.co.uk