VIDEO: Meerkat babies arrive at Wildlife Park


By The Newsroom
Monday, 13th October 2014, 4:38 pm
Baby meerkats at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Baby meerkats at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has hosted a meerkat marriage made in heaven after feuding parents Arthur and Anne rekindled their love to introduce a trio of babies to their family.

The couple kissed and made up after a separation period and now it is happy families at the award-winning visitor attraction.

The three cute babies - two girls and a boy - are getting used to their new home at Meerkat Manor under their parents’ adoring eyes.

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Baby meerkats at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

At five weeks old, they are weaning on a diet of banana baby food, chopped egg, chopped mealworms, soaked cat biscuits and wet cat food.

Director Cheryl Williams said: “The babies are already making themselves heard and have got the staff wrapped round their fingers.

“Visitors love the meerkats because they are so playful and it is wonderful to see these new additions enjoying a united family after the little blip.

Arthur and Anne were separated two years ago after a falling out meant the meerkats being divided up between male and females.

Then, this Easter they moved into a fabulous new home complete with heated outdoor rocks, indoor underfloor heating and termite mounds that are perfect for sentry duty.”

The new des res - aptly named the Meerkat and Mongoose Mansion - is double the size of their previous residence, divided into three sections over 420 square metres with a new house measuring 36 square metres.

Staff decided to reintroduce the whole meerkat family - sparking a grand reunion for Arthur and Anne and resulting in their new babies.

The loveable trio, yet to be named, and other animals are part of the animal adoption gift packages as the park, at Branton gears up for Christmas with a fun-packed fair for all the family and a Santa’s Grotto.

Animal development manager Simon Marsh added: ”They are so cute - and keep all the crowds entertained.

“A lot of thought went into the design of Meerkat and Mongoose Mansion to make it the perfect environment for the animals and Anna and Arthur certainly seem to appreciate it!”

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