Tim Lovejoy on his new beer crusade

Tim Lovejoy
Tim Lovejoy

Tim Lovejoy, 45, is best known for presenting Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 and for his love of sport, especially Chelsea FC. Here he discusses his latest ‘Let There Be Beer’ campaign, his pre-footie match ritual and his fatherhood tips for Prince William

Q. Tell Us About The ‘Let There Be Beer’ Campaign

It’s run by the British beer industry, and it’s basically trying to get people interested in beer. The bit I’m doing is trying to get people used to the idea of matching beers with food, in the way you match wine with food. It does work, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the campaign!

Q. What’s Your All-Time Favourite Beer And Food Combo?

I would say the two that I think I’ve done throughout history are curry and beer, and roast dinner and ale. But during this campaign I travelled round the country and tried different lagers with different combinations of food, and I must admit I really quite liked putting continental lagers with continental European food. It works.

Q. Would You Say You’re More Of A Lager Drinker Than A Beer Man?

No I’m not. I’ve never been like that. I’ve always liked all the range of beers. So it wasn’t a hard task to get me onto doing this job, because I find it slightly frustrating that people say they only drink a certain type of beer because I swap all the time depending on how I feel. But I’d never really thought about matching it with food.

Q. You Can’t Have Much Time For Drinking At The Moment, Can You? (Tim Became A Dad For The Third Time In May When His Girlfriend, Netball Player Tamsin Greenway, Gave Birth To A Daughter. He Has Twin Girls From A Previous Relationship)

Not at the moment, no. A little bit of social stuff. Tamsin and I are offloading her onto our parents and dashing out for a quick social occasion, but no heavy evenings for us.