TECH TALK: JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds

QUITE recently I reviewed this company's JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds and thought they were pretty special - but this latest model takes listening and tech to a new dimension

Saturday, 27th April 2019, 15:28 pm
Updated Saturday, 27th April 2019, 16:24 pm

My only two gripes with their predecessor was the fit into my ears and the shortness of the charging lead.These two minor niggles have however been more than sorted and, indeed,compensated for.

So let's take it all out of the box and I'll take you through what's on offer. So like the JBuds Air, the earbuds come in their own charging box, this one almost double the size so not quite as natty and storage-friendly, but given the added ear hooks and other features, it warrants being bigger.

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Also cleverly contained within the case is a USB charging strip, which pulls out from the side of the box - akin to removing a belt from a pair of trousers! It's adequately long and is used to charge the box from the mains or a computer, but also the box acts as a charger for mobile phones or other USB accessories - a great new feature.

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When the box is charging, five white lights show the level of charging, with the manufacturer stating the case can hold a whopping 32 hours of charge, with six hours of listening in the earbuds themselves. Once paired with your phone or listening device, the earbuds turn on and off automatically when you respectively take them out of the charging box and replace them. Blue lights on both case and earbuds indicate the earbuds are charging and will turn off when fully charged.

If you want to turn them off without necessarily putting them back in the case, there are power on/off buttons on the inside of the buds.

Pairing the buds with each other first and then your device is very straightforward, so I'll not bore you with that process here. Fitting and keeping in the ear is now much more straightforward - at least for me running at my fast pace...ahem... the hooks fitting behind the ear to ensure a proper seal.

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Controlling the earbuds is now done via sensors - rather than clicks - by tapping on the outside of each earbud. The left governs volume down, play and pause, track back with either one tap or two, or by pressing and holding a second, while the right earbud sensor looks after volume up, answering/ending/rejecting incoming calls, track forward and accessing Siri (IOS) or 'Ok Google' on Android.

Another new control feature is the 'Be Aware' mode via a triple tap, which allows outside, ambient noises in through the earbuds - handy if you're running outside to hear cars and other noises, or working out with a pal so you can still chat.

Pressing and holding both earbuds for three seconds allow you to toggle between three different EQ settings. Sound quality is excellent - as it was with its little brother, my preferred EQ setting, the bass boost, providing an amplified bass and sub-bass for an epic sound.

Voice prompts tell you the battery levels (full, medium and low) and connection is via theClass 1 Bluetooth 5 connection for crisp, clear sound. The earbuds also conform to IP55 sweat resistance - just make sure you give them a wipe down after your workout before putting them back into the charging box!

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds


6-hour battery life in earbuds

32 hours in the charging case

Full USB charge out for phones and other devices from case

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Class 1 Bluetooth 5 connection for crisp, clear sound

3 EQ Settings: Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost

Be Aware Audio, pass through ambient noise safe for running outside

7 tip sizes & 1 set of Cloud Foam tips

Touch sensor controls: Play, pause, track forward, track backward, volume up/down

Two built-in microphones

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds

IP55 Sweat Resistance

USB to micro USB cable

The Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds are available for £149.99 from Argos and 149.99 USD at with a two-year guarantee.

JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds
JLab Epic Air Elite True Wireless Sport Earbuds