Spring is the right time to sell

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Over the past four months when meeting new clients, the most common questions I’ve been asked have been; are prices going up? Is the market moving? How much are your fees?

But with out a shadow of doubt, THE most common question would have been; When is the best time to sell my house?

Previously, ‘Spring’ has been the most obvious answer, and many could say the same today, but every estate agent in Sheffield right now, should, and probably will shout loud and clear to put your property up for sale today.

I’ve worked in the property industry for over 10 years now but only once or twice before have I ever experienced the frenzy and demand that we are seeing at the moment.

As I write this, after a busy and productive Monday, here at Spencers we have recorded 22 offers after a fantastic weekend of viewings! And would you believe the majority of those offers have all been recorded at an asking price level or higher, from buyers who are ready to proceed.

Why is it happening? – another common question asked. One of the great things about property is that it’s all about opinions and it provokes conversation.

My opinion is that after a tough time for all, the confidence in the market and economy on the whole seems to very good.

Buyers can only see the market going in one direction and so now is the best time to jump on the bandwagon.

In comparison to this demand, we are seeing the lowest level of available property since the height of the previous market back in 2008, which is why we are back to the days of ‘best and final offers’ or ‘sealed bids’.

Will this activity continue? Today I have shown potential buyers around a house in High Storrs that drew the attention of 30 viewers on Saturday, 40 in total so far.

If we sell that house to one person, what are the other 39 going to do?

Do I think enough properties will come to market over night to satisfy this demand?

Unlikely, but as we approach the summer months, more people will decide to sell and that will not only help to satisfy demand but give the buyers more choice and options. This may mean that prices begin to stabilise and level out which again points to why the best time is right now as a seller.

With the perfect approach to marketing; professional photography, floor plans and Internet advertising across all of the major property portals, you can be assured of finding a buyer at the best possible price with Spencers.

Not all agents are the same. Call or call in to our Ecclesall Road office 0114 2683682 or email us at Sales@SpencersEstateAgents.co.uk to book for us to come and see you.