South Yorkshire is one of the luckiest places in the People’s Postcode Lottery – and here’s why

As Christmas approaches, the vast majority of people wouldn’t mind having a little more money to spend – and those living in South Yorkshire may be in luck.

Saturday, 7th December 2019, 8:00 am

Research has revealed that the county is among the places where people are most likely to win in the People’s Postcode Lottery, based on a study of recent results.

Property buyer ranked the areas of the nation where the most frequent winners lived.

In the competition’s £30,000 draw, people in South Yorkshire were the fifth most likely to pick up a prize – after Greater London, Greater Manchester, Kent, Devon and Lancashire – while in the £10,000 draw, South Yorkshire residents had the sixth-best chance of winning, a position shared with Merseyside, Leicestershire and Northumberland.

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The luckiest places in the People's Postcode Lottery have been ranked.

It is good news too for those with an ‘S’ postcode, which covers Sheffield. These addresses are most likely to win the lottery’s £1,000 daily prize.

Things are a little more complicated when it comes to the £3 million prize. Those living in the north are more than twice as likely to succeed in this draw, but – using data from 2016 to the present day – South Yorkshire shares fifth place in the table of luckiest counties with 20 other areas.

The People’s Postcode Lottery’s annual report says the competition has more than three million players, with 8,220,222 prizes won in 2018.

Prizes range from £10 to a share of £3 million. The most a single ticket can win is £400,000.

Somewhat mischievously, players are not required to use their actual, real-life postcode.