Snow White remake has real sparkle

Pictured: Lily Collins as Snow White.
Pictured: Lily Collins as Snow White.

SNOW BUSINESS: Lily Collins as Snow White in Mirror Mirror.

FILM REVIEW Mirror Mirror (PG)

PANTO time on the big screen? Oh yes it is!

You can’t help thinking that this movie, being a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, might have been better suited to appearing on cinema screens at the same time that our ears are being subjected to Slade, the tree lights are twinkling and everyone is ho-ho-ho-ing their way home through the snow in search of Christmas tidings.

But never mind that.

Mirror Mirror is a lavish comic fantasy drawing on an old tale with a new twist - and it does a pretty good job of it too.

Heading up the cast is Julia Roberts who excels as the wicked queen but that would be to steal the limelight away from Lily Collins who shines as pretty Snow White.

The telling stays pretty true to the original tale - the banished princess, the mirror on the wall (hence the title) and the dashing prince. But if you’re thinking Disney for the Seven Dwarves think again. This lot of diminutives are mad, bad and dangerous to know - put it this way, there’s nothing bashful or dopey about this lot. Although they are pretty grumpy.

The cinematography is wonderful, the lavish costumes dazzle and leap out from the silver screen and there’s plenty of swashbuckling and laughs to keep the youngsters entertained.

Mirror Mirror is not exactly a taxing or in-depth movie by any means - and any ladies out there expecting to spend a couple of hours in the company of heart-throb Sean Bean might be a little disappointed - he’s heavily billed on the poster but only turns up for the closing few scenes.

But this is a movie that will enchant children and adults alike and have you believing that cinematic fairytales do still happen.

n Darren Burke

Ian McNabb

The Leopard

ONE of the most pivotal figures in the music industry back in the 80s, a man who led one of the most famous bands of the time and a man now accompanied by only his guitar.

That’s the talented, the great, the legend Mr Ian McNabb - and he blessed The Leopard with his greatness.

As the former Icicle Works frontman walked out, a bellowing cheer was sent in welcome towards him, to which he nodded politely in response.

The electronic crackle as the jack was plugged into his acoustic guitar soon hushed the crowd and the music began.

His fingers a blur on the strings, all the audience could do was stand back and bask in his talent.

Then the distinctive voice set into Little Girl Lost and soon there were all but two people in the room, Ian and the crowd as they united as one voice and sang their hearts out.

His guitar seemed to have a mind of its own as it repeatedly fell out of tune and he had to take a few seconds before each song to correct it. Yet this only added to the laid back atmosphere.

Finally, Still Got The Fever began and the depressing lull after something great had ended was slowly closing in.

The song finished but the memories of the greatness that is Ian MaNabb most definitely stayed.

* Jake Rankin

Extreme Stunt Show

Doncaster Racecourse

YOU want thrills and spills?

Well, the Extreme Stunt Show did exactly what it said on the tin - hair-raising stunts, dramatic action and of course, lots of cars being crunched, which delighted young and old alike. Everyone knows the drill - wheelies, jumps and of course, a finale when two roaring great monster trucks prowl noisily around the arena, destroying anything in their way.

The crowd braved a chilly Friday night to enjoy a wide range of stuntmen (and one stuntwoman!) doing their stuff - motorbikes hurtling through blazing barriers, breathtaking motorbike stunts as a pair of brave bikers hurled themselves through the air and some two-wheeled trickery from cars normally used to four.

There were gasps and whoops aplenty - but the real thrills came at the finale as the trucks did their monster mayhem. Good fun all round.

* Darren Burke


The Leopard

THE rising stars hailing from Brighton - Munich - played Doncaster recently.

The indie pop band had played Sheffield the night before and travelled early to Doncaster to push their gig via Sine FM’s First 45 Show. Local support came from Jery @ Controls and Talkin’ Strangers. Both have good followings and it was suggested Talkin’ Strangers take the headline over Munich to boost the numbers. No such luck I’m afraid.

Doncaster seems to have a naive and fickle music following which at times can cause you to grind your teeth.

So often I hear people suggest that Doncaster needs to be more active on the music scene - BM concerts and Stewart Black are trying their hardest to create something for people to remember and so often is the case that we simply see people watch their mates band and disappear...

On with the show and if you did just walk off or stay downstairs, then what a band you missed.

Front man Slade was in full flow and gave the small crowd a show to remember, opening the show with Hero Of Mine and then powering into Just Like You.

Towards the end, St Louis, the track that thanks the people of America for once helping Slade get back to England, had everyone nodding away before soon to be released Into The Rain ended the show.

Rarely do we see talent like this in Doncaster and the guys will be back in July playing at BOMfest in Barnsley.

Hopefully the locals neighbours will be more welcoming to a band who won’t be far behind those currently breaking into the scene. A great night and band just a shame the music fans let them down

* Chris Rix