Sheila's silver milestone for National Gardens Scheme

Sheila Clark pictured at a previous open gardens event.
Sheila Clark pictured at a previous open gardens event.

For the 25th successive year, Sheila Clark will on Monday, May 30, open her garden in Walkeringham for the benefit of National Gardens Scheme charities.

The first time she opened – to celebrate beginning to transform a one and three quarter acre potato field – 650 visitors turned up. Over the years, through sunshine, downpours and everything in between, she has averaged 3-400.

“Sheila is passionate about her garden,” said NGS assistant county organiser Judy Geldart. “She knows a lot about plants. She always finds different ideas every year and, of course, she is a super flower arranger. And she has raised an amazing amount of money for NGS and the charities we support.”

The fresh view created for Sunday kept 78-year-old Sheila and her husband Peter busy for most of the winter. “We revamped one of the ponds and it was a big job,” she says. “It had to have a new liner. So it had to be emptied. My husband pumped all of the water out into the duck pond. Then we moved all the plants out. After we’d put the new liner in, he pumped all the water back and I replaced all the plants.”

Visitors will be welcomed from 1pm-5pm (adults £2.50, children free) to view the inspirational surprises round ever corner with places to sit and ponder, gazebos, arbours, ponds, hostas; unusual perennials and shrubs for flower arranging; lots of ideas to imitate.

* The open gardens takes place at Holmes Villa, Holmes Lane, Walkeringham DN10 4JP.