Selling my car was a piece of cake

Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai

FOR the first time in over 20 years I have just sold a car and was surprised how quickly and hassle free the deal was done but my advice to other motorists thinking of selling their wheels is to get as many quotes as possible writes Bryan Longworth.

Because I was just selling my Nissan Qashqai and not trading it in as a part exchange for another car I was rather apprehensive about the experience although the car was in excellent condition with very low mileage due to me driving road test cars.

First of all I sounded out several motor dealers including the Nissan dealership where it came from but the prices offered were not very encouraging and to be quite honest I felt some of their offers were rather derisory and that they were offering rock bottom prices because they were not interested in buying the car even though it was almost like a new car.

A colleague whose job is working out residual values of new and used cars suggested advertising in a well known motor trade magazine but I did not want the hassle of people coming to my home to see and drive the car.

So I then decided to check out the car supermarkets for quotes that could only be done through their websites and which I found to be a rather daunting experience although I am sure it will be no problem for younger motorists who are more computer savvy.

I was advised to try one particular company by a friend who had sold her Toyota Land Cruiser there and was pleased with the outcome.

So I filled in the on-screen questionnaire and within an hour I had got their offer which was quite encouraging for it was around £1000 more than any previous offers.

I then tried several more car supermarkets with mixed results - one was not really interested and the offer from another was quite a bit below the best quote.

So I decided to accept the best offer and went to the supermarket concerned to do the business and here again I was surprised at just how smoothly the deal went through.

While I had a coffee in a pleasant lounge area the salesman had a quick drive in the car and a mechanic checked it out and I then just signed a form to conclude the deal.

Within three days the money was in my bank account and I then collected refunds for the outstanding period of car tax and insurance.

It all went so smoothly and free from hassle that I was really impressed by the whole experience but as I said earlier if any reader is thinking of selling their car persevere and make sure you get as many quotes as possible because I am sure it will be worth your while.