People encouraged to massage each other on National Massage Day

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People across Doncaster are being urged to massage each other as part of a nationwide initiative next month.

This year sees the launch of the very first National Massage Day, which will take place on May 16.

It is being launched by Gill Tree of Essentials for Health and aims to help our society understand the positive effects of touch and massage.

Touch is instinctive and natural. It is part of human nature and yet we, as a society, often remain inhibited.

We also perceive massage as a luxury - rather than a necessary treatment for a healthy lifestyle.

“Everyone in the UK is encouraged to use simple massage techniques on a colleague, friend, or someone they care for. It’s time we understood that touch is not something to be feared – it’s to be welcomed and celebrated as an essential part of a healthy life.” says Gill.

A number of events are planned around the UK including a giant conga line on Westminster Bridge, London. People will be invited to join the conga and give the person in front of them, whose shoulders their hands are resting on, a mini shoulder massage. After all that’s one of the best parts of being in a conga line.

If you can’t join the thousands on Westminster Bridge then you’re invited to create your own conga line – in your office, your play-ground, the local park or anywhere that works for you.

For more information about National Massage Day visit